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dr. L.G.M.T. Keijsers

Associate Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Developmental Psychology


Why are some teenagers delinquent? How do we know whether an adolescent is grumpy or depressed? Which parenting practices promote adolescent well-being, and future positive development? Hoe does this parenting process differ from child to child?

With my research, funded by the Dutch Scientific Organisation (NWO-VIDI) and in collaboration with Savannah Boele, we attempt to answer questions like these, regarding normal and deviant development. We combine large questionnaire studies with micro-questionniares on smart phones, and employ advanced statistics to unravel the underlying driving processes of real-life development. 

Together with Angelique Cramer, we have set up the Tilburg Experience Sampling Center. This center facilitates research on the real-time dynamics of mental health and well-being, using smart phones and wearables.



Principal publications

  • Dietvorst, E., Hiemstra, M., Hillegers, M. H., & Keijsers, L. (2017). Adolescent Perceptions of Parental Privacy Invasion and Adolescent Secrecy: An Illustration of Simpson's Paradox. Child development.
  • Keijsers, L., Voelkle, M. C., Maciejewski, D., Branje, S., Koot, H., Hiemstra, M., & Meeus, W. (2016). What drives developmental change in adolescent disclosure and maternal knowledge? Heterogeneity in within-family processes. Developmental psychology52(12), 2057.
  • Keijsers, L. (2015). Parental monitoring and adolescent problem behaviors: How much do we really know? International Journal of Behavioural Development. doi: 10.1177/0165025415592515   
  • Keijsers, L. & Poulin, F. (2013). Developmental Changes in Parent- Child Communication Throughout Adolescence. Developmental Psychology doi: 10.1037/a0032217  
  • Keijsers, L. (2013). Waarom tieners soms zo irritant kunnen zijn. En hoe je daar als ouder mee kunt leren leven. Utrecht: Lannoo Campus. IBSN: 9789401408851    
Last amended: 20 November 2018