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Your photograph L.H.J. (Maurice) Adams

Full professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department for Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History


Maurice Adams studied law and philosophy of law/legal theory at the Universities of Maastricht (the Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium) and Oxford (UK). He completed a doctorate in law at the University of Leuven under the supervision of M. Van Hoecke en H. Cousy.

Since 1997 he was professor of law at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, mainly working in the field of jurisprudence and comparative law. In 2007 he was appointed full professor of general jurisprudence at Tilburg University (The Netherlands).

Since 2012 he is also professor of democratice governance and rule of law (vfund chair) at Tilburg Law School, and a since 2011 visiting professor at the law school of the University of Leuven (Belgium).

In his research he has a particular interest in issues of comparative legal research methodology, issues of regulation, and in the relation between (constitutional) law and politics (and political theory). Most recently he published, together with J. Griffiths and H. Weyers, a large scale comparative study about the regulation of euthanasia: Euthanasia and Law in Europe, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2008, 598 p. And also, together with J. Bomhoff and N. Huls as co-editors, a book on the argumentative practice of highest courts: The Legitimacy of highest courts? rulings, The Hague/Cambridge, TMC Asser Press/Cambridge University Press, 2009, 478 p. Most recently a volume appeared on Practice and Theory in Comparative Law, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (edited with J. Bomhoff), Judging Europe's Judges. The Legitimacy of the Case Law of the European Court of Justice, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2013 (edited met H. de Waele, J. Meeusen en G. Straetmans), Method and Culture in Comparative Law, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2014 (edited with D. Heirbaut), Constitutionalism and Rule of Law. Between Idealism and Realism, Cambridge University Press 2017 (edited with A. Meuwese and E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin), and Research Collection on Method and Methodology in Comparative Law, Edward Elgar 2017 (with J. Husa and M. Oderkerk).

He also functioned in an advisory capacity for Belgian parliament on the regulation of euthanasia and on legislative evaluation, and also for the House of Lords in the United Kingdom. He has been editor in chief (2003-2008) of the journal Rechtsfilosofie en Rechtstheorie, and chairperson of the Department of Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History at Tilburg Law School. He is an elected member of the Académie Internationale de droit comparé.




Principal publications

  • 'Disabling Constitutionalism', International Journal of Constitutional Law (Icon) 2014/2, p. 279-302.
  • The Method and Culture of Comparative Law, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2014, 346 p. (with D. Heirbaut, eds.).
  • 'Drie dimensies van de rechtsstaat', Nederlands Juristenblad 2014, p. 1364-1373 (with W.J. Witteveen).
  • "Constitutionele geletterdheid voor de democratische rechtsstaat", Nederlands Juristenblad 2013, p. 1110-1118.
  • 'Against Comparative Method. Explaing Similarities and Differences', in M. Adams and J. Bomhoff (eds.), Practice and Theory in Comparative Law, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012, p. 279-301. (with J. Griffiths).

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Last amended: 26 November 2017