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M.J. (Martijn) Stoutjesdijk MA

PhD Student 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Biblical Sciences and Church History


I am working on the NWO-project 'Slavery in Jewish and Christian Parables'. This project answers the questions of how Jewish and Christian parables depict and evaluate slavery and what semantic meanings are attached to the images of slave and master. In her ground-breaking work on Jewish slavery (C. Hezser, Jewish Slavery in Antiquity, Oxford: University Press, 2004), Catherine Hezser notices the need for a systematic study of Rabbinic parables on slavery. This research will partly fill this gap by comparing Rabbinic parables with New Testament parables within the perspective of the Jewish-Christian schism. The main question of this project is: How do Rabbinic and Christian parables respectively construe slavery and slave-master relations? One hypothesis we want to test here is that the reality of slavery seems to be taken for granted in the parables.


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Last amended: 24 April 2018