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dr. M.M.P. Vlerick

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Philosophy


My research deals with issues in evolutionary epistemology, evolutionary morality, cultural evolution and social ontology in particular, and the philosophical implications of the theory of evolution in general. Currently I am working on a book entitled 'The global contract'. In the book, which is targeted at a wider audience, I argue for the need to cooperate on a global level in order to meet the pressing challenges that face us (such as global warming, immigration and overpopulation). 

News items

Principal publications

  • Vlerick, M. (2018). The cultural evolution of institutional religions. Religion, Brain & Behavior. In press (published online)
  • Vlerick, M. (2017) 'Better than our nature? Evolution and moral realism, justification, and progress?. In M. Ruse and R. Richards (Eds). Handbook of evolutionary ethics, pp. 226-239. Cambridge University Press.
  • Vlerick, M. (2016) ?Explaining universal social institutions: A game-theoretic approach.? Topoi, 35(1), 291-300 
  • Vlerick, M., Broadbent, A. (2015) ?Evolution and Epistemic Justification?. Dialectica, 69, (2), 185-203 
  • Vlerick, M., Boudry, M. (2017) ?Psychological closure does not entail cognitive closure. A response to McGinn.? Dialectica. 71 (1)
Last amended: 27 March 2019