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prof. dr. N.G. (Niels) Noorderhaven

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management

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My research focuses on collaboration across cultural boundaries, with special attention to processes of knowledge production and knowledge sharing. Collaboration can take the form of (project) alliances, joint ventures or mergers/acquisitions. Cultural boundaries can be those between different countries, but also those between, e.g., client organizations and contractors, or between firms with a technical orientation and with a commercial orientation. Recent studies have looked at the airline industry, the construction industry, the software industry and the shipbuilding industry. My work has attracted over 1,300 ISI citations.


Principal publications

  • (2013) Monin, P., N.G. Noorderhaven. E. Vaara and D. Kroon, Giving sense to and making sense of justice in postmerger integration. Academy of Management Journal 56: 256-284.
  • (2013) Ertug, G., I. Cuypers, N.G. Noorderhaven and B. Bensaou, Trust between international joint venture partners: Effects of home countries. Journal of International Business Studies 44: 263-282.
  • (2011) Melkonian, T., P. Monin and N.G. Noorderhaven, Distributive justice, procedural justice, exemplarity and employees' willingness to cooperate in M&A integration processes: An analysis of the Air France-KLM merger. Human Resource Management 50, 809-837.
  • (2009) Noorderhaven, N.G., and A.W. Harzing, Knowledge sharing and social interaction within MNCs. Journal of International Business Studies 40, 719-741.
  • (2006) Krishnan, R., X. Martin and N.G. Noorderhaven, When does interorganizational trust matter to strategic alliance performance? Academy of Management Journal 49, 894-917.

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Last amended: 15 August 2016