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dr. N. Karsten MSc.MA.

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Politics and Public Administration


Principal publications

  • Karsten, N., & Hendriks, F. (2017). Don't call me a leader, but I am one?: The Dutch mayor and the tradition of bridging-and-bonding leadership in consensus democracies. Leadership, 13(2), 154-172  
  • Karsten, N. (2015). Scrutinize me, please! The drivers, manifestations and implications of accountability-seeking behaviour. Public Administration 93(3), pp. 684-699.
  • Hendriks, F., & Karsten, N. (2014).  Theory of democratic leadership, in:R. Rhodes & P. 't Hart (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Political Leadership, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 41-56
  • Karsten, N. (2013). Decide and defend: regaining authority for controversial decisions through rendering account, PhD thesis, Tilburg
  • Karsten, N. (2012). Explaining and justifying authoritative decisions: the case of controversial facilities for the homeless in Rotterdam, Local Government Studies 38 (2), pp. 143-160

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Last amended: 13 June 2018