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Your photograph N.M.C.P. Jägers


Tilburg Law School
Department European and International Public Law


Over the past ten years Nicola Jägers has worked on the transformations that have occurred in international (human rights) law relating to changes in the relationships between states and markets and changes in the regulatory roles and capacities of NGOs and transnational business corporations. In 2002, Jägers published one of the earlier books on the issue of corporate responsibility for human rights violations Corporate Human Rights Obligations: in search of accountability. Ever since, the consequences at the national and international level of the two dominant faces of globalisation: the expansion of trade beyond borders and the universalising effects of the human rights movement have remained Jägers? core research interest resulting in (participation in) various research projects and multiple publications on the issue. More recently, she has begun to consider the ways in which regulatory approaches might be useful for the enforcement, socialisation and protection of human rights.


Principal publications

  • Jägers, N.M.C.P. (2012). The Missing right to know: A critique of the UN protect-respect-remedy framework and the guiding principles. Notizie di Politeia, XXVIII(106), 100-124.(More)
  • Jägers, N.M.C.P. (2012). Regulating the private security industry: Connecting the public and the private through transnational private regulation. Human rights and International Legal Discourse, 6(1), 57-93
  • Jägers, Nicola, ?The WTO: an obstacle to enforce human rights obligations?? (together with Jeroen Denkers), Accountability for Human Rights Violations by International Organizations. Jan Wouters e.a. (ed.), Intersentia, Antwerp, 2010, pp.461-484.
  • Nicola jagers, Vernietiging van het milieu: een internationaal misdrijf?, i"; Ars Aquei, mei 2017, Jaargang 66, pp. 365-372
  • Human rights enforcement towards a people- centered alternative?: A reaction to professor Abdullahi An-Na?im Jägers, N. 2016 In : Tilburg Law Review: Journal on international and comparative law. 21 (2016), 21, p. 275-283  

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Last amended: 09 May 2017