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O.S. Kanevskaia LLM


Tilburg Law School
Law, Technology, Markets & Society


Olia Kanevskaia is a PhD Candidate at Tilburg Law and Economics Centre (TILEC). Her research focuses on the institutional aspects of international standardization and due process in standard-setting in the ICT sector. Olia is also interested in the topics related to the Technical Barriers to Trade in general, and labelling, economic sanctions and rules of origin in particular.  


Principal publications

  • Nicolo Zingales, Olia Kanevskaia, The IEEE patent policy update under the lens of EU Competition Law, European Competition Journal, available at  
  • Technology Standard-Setting Organizations and Their Capture by the Principles of Global Administrative Law?, e-Pública Vol. 3 No 3 (December 2016), at 133; available at
  • Standard-Setting Organizations: the ISO, IEC and ITU, in: Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer and Thomas Cottier (eds), Encyclopaedia of International Economic Law, Edward Elgar Publishing (2017), 148-150
  • Disciplining Standard-Setting: Which Approach to Choose (If Any)? TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2017-036, available at SSRN: (September 2017)

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Last amended: 18 October 2018