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prof. dr. J. Paauwe

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Human Resource Studies


Jaap Paauwe (1953) is Professor at the department of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University. Before joining Tilburg University he worked as a full professor of Organization at Erasmus University Rotterdam, heading the Department of Business and Organization of the School of Economics. At Erasmus University he is still involved in supervising PhD students.

Jaap Paauwe is specialized in the link between Human Resource Management (HRM) and corporate strategies and how that has an impact on organizational performance  and employee well-being, for which he is also active in advising organizations, both internationally as well as in the Netherlands. Using a strategic perspective implies attention for issues of leadership, involvement  of line management and employees, corporate culture and organizational change.

He has carried out large scale international research projects involving companies listed in the Fortune top 500. Working together with a team of researchers from Cambridge University, INSEAD  and Cornell University he carried out a project, assigned by the Sanyo Corporation, in order to achieve HR functional excellence. Topics covered: Talent management, Learning,  Performance management,  HR function, Supply Chain management. Another international project focused on the relationship between HRM and corporate governance, compliance and risk management.

Areas of expertise, for which he is also involved in teaching in the bachelors, masters program (through Tilburg University) and in executive training (through TIASNIMBAS) are as follows:

-strategic management

-organizational change

-corporate enterprise policy

-international human resource management

-human resource management, performance and well-being

-advanced topics in HRM

-organization and management

-comparative industrial relations

Next to his regular teaching and research activities he has numerous contacts with the business community, giving inputs to strategy meetings, management team meetings and one on one conversations with CHRO's about the strategic challenges they are facing. Incidentally he is also involved in consultancy assignments.


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Last amended: 13 December 2017