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prof. dr. R.C.H. Lesaffer

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Public Law & Governance


Professor Lesaffer's research focuses on the historical and recent development of the international legal order.


Principal publications

  • Randall Lesaffer, 'Aggression before Versailles', European Journal of International Law, 29 (2018) 773-808.
  • Randall Lesaffer, 'Argument from Roman Law in Current International Law: Occupation and Acquisitive Prescription', European Journal of International Law, 16 (2005) 25-58.
  • Randall Lesaffer (ed.), Peace Treaties and International Law in European History: From the End of the Middle Ages to World War One, Cambridge University Press 2004.
  • Randall Lesaffer, European Legal History: A Cultural and Political Perspective, Cambridge University Press 2009.
  • Randall Lesaffer, 'The Grotian Tradition Revisited: Change and Continuity in the History of International Law', British Yearbook of International Law, 73 (2002) 103-139.

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Last amended: 12 November 2018