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dr. R.E. Mark

Assistant Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Cognitive Neuropsychology


Principal publications

  • Mark, R. E. & Rugg, M. D. (1998) Age effects on brain activity associated with episodic memory retrieval: an electrophysiological study. Brain, 121, 861-873.
  • Rugg, M. D., Mark, R. E., Walla, P, Schloerscheidt, A. M., Birch, C. S., & Allan, K. (1998). Electrophysiological fractionation of implicit and explicit memory. Nature.
  • Nieuwenhuis-Mark R.E., van Hoek A., & Vingerhoets, A. (2008). Understanding Excessive Crying in Neurologic Disorders: Nature, Pathophysiology, Assessment, Consequences, and Treatment. Cog Behav Neurol, 21(2), 111-123.
  • Nieuwenhuis-Mark, R.E., Schalk, K., & de Graaf, N. (2009). Free recall and learning of emotional word lists in very elderly people with and without dementia. American Journal of Alzheimer?s Disease and other Dementias, 24, 155-162.
  • Nieuwenhuis-Mark, R.E. (2009). Diagnosing Alzheimer?s dementia in Down syndrome: problems and possible solutions. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 30, 827-838.

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Last amended: 12 February 2010