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R.M.R. Gellert


Tilburg Law School
Law, Technology, Markets & Society


Raphael Gellert is a post-doctoral researcher in the context of the ERC project INFO-LEG [ERC StG2016 716971]. He conducts interdisciplinary research in law, resorting to the social sciences and social theory.

He wrote his PhD on the risk-based approach in data protection law (entitled ?Understanding the risk-based approach to data protection: An analysis of the links between law, regulation, and risk?). The dissertation analysed data protection law through the use of literature coming from the fields of risk and regulation studies. In this context, he has focused on issues of risk regulation and management, data protection, data protection impact assessment?

In the framework of the INFO-LEG project he is in charge of the Information studies track (information science, information theory, data studies?). Within this ambit, his research questions focus on the nature of information, theories of meaning, and the way information relates to individuals. The goal is to use this literature to provide some conceptualisation of contemporary information processing practices, how it affects individuals, and if anything can be learned therefrom as far as the regulation of the use of information is concerned.

Finally, Raphaël has always had an interest for issues related to human rights and environmental law. For this reason, he has written on such topics as smart electricity grids and sustainable development, the regulation of nanotechnologies, or anti-discrimination law.

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Last amended: 04 October 2018