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Your photograph R.M. Wibier

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Private Law


News items

  • Working paper on financial collateral
    The attached link leads to a recent working paper on financial collateral, discussing Dutch law compared to the English law. It also discusses a novel contractual approach.

Principal publications

  • Compendium van het Nederlands faillissementsrecht, Kluwer, Deventer 2018
  • Better investor protection under proposed changes to Dutch securities transfer law?? Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Volume 25(6), p. 304-308
  • Financial Collateral in the Netherlands, England and under the EU Collateral Directive - Traditional and novel ways of taking security over cash and securities, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, Volume 24, 8 (2009), pp. 388-411  
  • Alternatieven voor zekerheid op bankrekeningen, (diss. Tilburg 2007)
  • Covered bond programmes, de titel van overdracht, art. 3:84 lid 3 BW en het causa-vereiste bij overeenkomsten, NJB 2008/3, p. 146-152

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Last amended: 24 July 2018