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dr. S. (Sanem) Yazicioglu

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Philosophy


My research interests fall mainly in the areas of phenomenology, political philosophy and aesthetics. I am particularly working on metaphysical problems related to time, memory, perception, identity and their applications to contemporary political philosophy and philosophy of art.


Principal publications

  • "Who Thinks Abstract Today? Hegel on Contemporary Debates on Mataphysics and Aesthetics," Hegel-Jahrbuch, ed. A. Arndt, J. Zovko, M. Gerhard, de Gruyter, Vol. 2015, Issue:1, 33-39.
  • "The Mist of Seeing," International Yearbook for Hermeneutics, Issue:13. Philosophy as Literature, ed. G. Figal, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen, 2014, 73-85.
  • "Identity or Identites? The In-Between of 'No Longer and Not Yet," in Thinking Plurality, ed. G.J. van der Heiden, Studies in Contemporary Philosphy, Brill, Leiden, Boston, 2014, 75-88.
  • "The Indeterminable Ground of the Belief of Horizon and Remembrance," in Between Faith and Reason, eds. P.I.M.M. Van Haute, G.J. van der Heiden, Leuven University Press, Leuven, 2014, 103-115.
  • (Ed.) Bir Arada / Das Zwischen / In-Between, Festschrift für Onay Sözer, (Multilingual Edition) Is Bankasi Publishing House, Istanbul, 2013 (921 p.).

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Last amended: 14 November 2018