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Your photograph T.F.E. Tjong Tjin Tai

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Private Law


Eric's expertise is on private law, law of civil procedure, and IT law. His current research focuses on

  • legal aspects of data and digital developments (smart contracts, property rights in data, liability for algorithms),
  • methodology of doctrinal research (from viewpoint philosophy of science/epistemology),
  • service contracts, professions and institutions,
  • multi-party contracts and networks.
In practice, multiparty agreements are a regular occurrence. Just think of consumers that sign a financing agreement with a bank through a dealership when they buy a car. Who is responsible if something goes wrong in such an agreement? In practice, judges will eventually find an answer, but they still seem to require a more solid legal footing. Another subject that I'm involved with is digitalization and private law. Suppose I pay to download an mp3. Who is the owner of that file? Intuitively, you would say that I am, but the legal answer is often a lot more complicated. It's interesting to examine to what extent the law is still suited to these kinds of current developments.


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Last amended: 20 February 2018