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dr. T.P.L. (Tine) Buyl

Assistant Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Organization Studies

Principal publications

  • De Meulenaere, K., Boone, C., and Buyl, T. (forthcoming) ?Unraveling the Impact of Workforce Age Diversity on Labor Productivity: The Moderating Role of Firm Size and High-Commitment Management.? Journal of Organizational Behavior (accepted).
  • Buyl, T., Boone, C., and Wade, J.B. (forthcoming) ?Non-CEO executive mobility: The impact of poor firm performance and TMT attention.? European Management Journal (accepted).
  • Buyl, T., Boone, C., and Hendriks, W. (2014). ?Top management team members? decision influence and cooperative behaviour: An empirical study in the Information Technology industry?. British Journal of Management, 25, 285-304.
  • Buyl, T., Boone, C., Hendriks, W., and Matthyssens, P. (2011). ?Top management team functional diversity and firm performance: The moderating role of CEO characteristics?. Journal of Management Studies, 48, 151-177.
  • Buyl, T., Boone, C., and Matthyssens, P. (2011). ?Upper echelons research and managerial cognition?. Strategic Organization, 9, 240-246.
Last amended: 21 September 2016