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dr. T. Sokolova

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Marketing

Tatiana works in the area of judgment and decision-making, focusing on factors that change the way in which people process information. For example, she examines when people are more likely to rely on deliberative versus heuristic-based processing; when they think about numbers in relative versus absolute terms; or when they process numbers digit-by-digit instead of rounding them. 

Principal publications

  • Krishna, Aradhna, and Tatiana Sokolova (2017), "A Focus on Partisanship: How It Impacts Voting Behaviors and Political Attitudes." Journal of Consumer Psychology.
  • Sokolova, Tatiana, and Aradhna Krishna (2016), "Take It or Leave It? How Choosing versus Rejecting Alternatives Affects Information Processing", Journal of Consumer Research, December, 614-35. *Select media coverage: The Guardian, The Washington Post, Quartz.
  • Schweinsberg, Martin, Nikhil Madan, Michelangelo Vianello et al. (2016), "The Pipeline Project: Pre-Publication Independent Replications of a Single Laboratory?s Research Pipeline", Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyMarch, 55-67.
  • Krishna, Aradhna, Luca Cian, and Tatiana Sokolova (2016), "The Power of Sensory Marketing in Advertising", Current Opinion in Psychology, August, 142-47.
Last amended: 07 August 2017