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dr. T. van Nuenen

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies


Dr Tom van Nuenen is Assistant Professor in Online Culture. He performs interdisciplinary research into digital and ludological representations of travel, drawing on the digital humanities, culture studies, and sociolinguistics.

Principal publications

  • Van Nuenen, T. (2015). Playing the Panopticon: Procedural punishment in Dark Souls. Games and Culture, doi:10.1177/1555412015570967
  • Van Nuenen, T. (2015) Here I am: Authenticity and self-branding on travel blogs. Tourist Studies. doi:10.1177/1468797615594748
  • Varis, P. & Van Nuenen, T. (2016). The Internet, language and virtual interactions. Oxford Handbook of Language and Society.
  • Van Nuenen, T. (2016). Procedural (E)motion: Journey as emerging pilgrimage. The Journal of Popular Culture.
  • Heynders, O.M., & Van Nuenen, T. (2014). Tourist imagination and modernist poetics: The case of Cees Nooteboom. In Garth Lean, R. Staiff, & E. Waterton (Eds.), Travel and Imagination (pp. 103-118). London: Ashgate.

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Last amended: 05 February 2018