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dr. W.R. (William) Arfman


Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies


  • Ritual Dynamics in Late Modernity: The Case of the Emerging Field of Collective Commemoration. Leiden: Sidestone Press, forthcoming 2015. (Published PhD dissertation).
  • "Revising the Ritual Design Paradigm." In Journal of Ritual Studies. Currently under review.
  • "Liquid Ritualizing: Facing the Challenges of Late Modernity in an Emerging Ritual Field." In Journal of Religion in Europe (7/1) 2014, 1-25.
  • "Innovating from Traditions: The Emergence of a Ritual Field of Collective Commemoration in the Netherlands." In Journal of Contemporary Religion (29/1), 2014, 17-32.
  • "Musicalizing All Souls? Day Rituals?" (with M. Hoondert). In Yearbook for Liturgical and Ritual Studies (29), 2013, 113-131.
  • "Relocating the public or reforming the private? Tourism and the survival of an ancestor cult in the Mexican town of Mitla, Oaxaca." In W. Hofstee & A. van der Kooij (eds.), Religion beyond its Private Role in Modern Society. Leiden: Brill, 2013, 215-223.
  • Analysing Allerzielen Alom: Material Culture in an Emerging Rite. Leiden: Sidestone Press, 2011. (Published M.A. Thesis).
  • "Het Nieuwe Allerzielen: Buitenkerkelijke Dodenherdenking en Religiositeit?" (with E. Venbrux and T. Quartier). In G. Bosma & C. van der Leest (eds.), De Dood Leeft! Wat betekent ons denken over leven na de dood voor ons leven vóór de dood.Kampen: Kok, 2010, 195-210.
  • Visiting the Calvario at Mitla, Oaxaca: A Critical Look at the Continuity of a Religious Practice. Leiden: Sidestone Press, 2008. (Published R.M.A. Thesis).


My primary expertise lies within the field of ritual studies, with a special interest in the role of material culture in the dynamics of changing rituals. A special interest goes out to the ways in which (new) ritual experts deal with such societal forces as individualization, pluralism and superdiversity, as well as to the role of ritual in late modern society.

Currently, these various interests come together in my research into the design of rituals after disasters and atrocities.


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Last amended: 07 March 2017