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prof. dr. Y. Brehmer

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Developmental Psychology


I am a cognitive lifespan developmental psychologist with a strong interest in the modifiability and plasticity of cognitive development and aging. My previous research focused on the trainability of memory functions across the lifespan, the examination of factors accounting for inter-individual differences in memory functioning, and neural correlates of age-related memory changes.

Principal publications

  • Becker, N., Kalpouzos, G., Persson, J., Laukka, E. J., & Brehmer, Y. (2017). Differential effects of encoding instructions on neural correlates of item and associative memory. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 29, 545-559.  
  • Bellander, M., Eschen, A., Lövdén, M., Martin, M., Bäckman, Y., & Brehmer, Y. (2017). No Evidence for Improved Associative Memory Performance Following Process-based Associative Memory Training in Older Adults. Frontiers Aging Neuroscience, 8, 326.
  • Brehmer, Y., Shing, Y. L., Heekeren, H. R., Lindenberger, U., & Bäckman, L. (2016). Training-Induced Changes in Subsequent Memory Effects:  No Major Differences Among Children, Younger Adults, and Older Adults. NeuroImage, 131, 214-225.
  • Becker, N., Laukka, E. J., Kalpouzos, G., Naveh-Benjamin, M., Bäckman, L., & Brehmer, Y. (2015). Structural brain correlates of associative memory in older adults. NeuroImage, 118, 146-153.
  • Brehmer, Y., Rieckmann, A., Bellander, M., Westerberg, H., Fischer, H. & Bäckman, L. (2011). Neural correlates of training-related working memory gains in old age. NeuroImage, 58, 1110-1120.

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Last amended: 19 September 2018