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dr. Z.R. (Zlatina) Georgieva LLM


Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Law and Economic Center (TILEC)


Dr. Georgieva is a TILEC-affiliated lecturer and researcher in (EU) economic law with an interest in the institutional dimensions of EU Competition Law enforcement. Her research focuses on the use of Commission-issued soft law instruments as tools for decentralized enforcement of EU Competition Law. Her dissertation 'Soft Law in EU Competition Law and its reception in Member States' courts' evinces a research focus on the manner in which the national judiciary engages with Commission-issued competition soft law.

Main research focus:  EU Competition Law

Additional fields of interest: governancesoft law




Principal publications

  • Zlatina Georgieva, Soft Law in EU Competition Law and its Judicial Reception in Member States: A Theoretical Perspective, 16 (2) German Law Journal (2015), 224.   
  • Zlatina Georgieva, The Judicial Reception of Soft Law in the Netherlands and the UK, 12(1) European Competition Journal (2016), 1-33.
  • Zlatina Georgieva, Competition Soft Law in French and German Courts: a Challenge for Online Sales Only?, 24(2) Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law (2017), 175-193.
Last amended: 05 March 2018