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ZonMW Covid-19 grant for Ashley Metz

Published: 04th September 2020 Last updated: 10th September 2020

Ashley Metz (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) received a ZonMW Covid-19 grant for her research on the preconditions for Covid-19 mobile apps. Tracking the Covid virus is very important to prevent or manage a second wave of infections. This project aims to contribute detailed insights in just over four months.

The study will reveal preferences and opinions about the adoption of apps in the Netherlands. Evidence suggests that citizens in South Korea are more accepting of actions taken to promote public health and more open to surveillance, which has allowed for the rapid implementation of mobile apps, though this comes with other issues. The researchers expect the project to reveal preferences in the Netherlands, which may differ even in the Netherlands.  By uncovering local differences, and discussing possible responses to them, we hope to help increase the install base of the app.  

The title of the project is: Preconditions for Covid-19 mobile apps: A feature-level investigation of user acceptance based on insights from South Korea and Canada applied in the Netherlands

For more information, contact Ashley Metz