School of Economics and Management

Tilburg University's largest School ranks amongst the top Schools in Europe due to its excellent quality in education and research which contributes to a better understanding of society.


The research of the department is organized within several research institutes:

CentER Ebc Tsc Tilec Experimental Economists @ Tilburg

More about research can be found at Research page Economics and Management

Top publications forthcoming or published in 2018

Department of Economics
Huizinga, Voget, Wagner Capital gains taxation and the cost of capital: Evidence from unanticipated cross-border transfers of the tax base Journal of Financial Economics
Willems, Zwart Optimal regulation of network expansion RAND Journal of Economics
Filistrucchi, Prüfer Faithful strategies: How religion shapes nonprofit management Management Science
Cettolin, Suetens Return on trust is lower for immigrants The Economic Journal
Van Leeuwen, Noussair, Offerman, Suetens, Van Veelen, Van de Ven Predictably angry: Facial cues provide a credible signal of destructive behavior Management Science
Picchio, Suetens, Van Ours Labor supply effects of winning the lottery Economic Journal
Gerlagh, Liski Carbon prices for the next hundred years The Economic Journal
Dalton, Ghosal Self-fulfilling mistakes: Characterization and welfare The Economic Journal

Top publications published in 2017

Department of Economics
Aydin, Kok, Brounen Energy efficiency and household behavior: the rebound effect in the residential sector RAND Journal of Economics, 48(3), 749-782
Brown, Trautmann, Vlahu Understanding bank-run contagion Management Science, 63(7), 2272-2282
Bijlsma, Boone, Zwart The complementarity between risk adjustment and community rating: Distorting market outcomes to facilitate redistribution Journal of Public Economics, 155, 21-37
Blanco, Dalton, Vargas Does the unemployment benefit institution affect the productivity of workers? Evidence from the field Management Science, 63(11), 3739-3759
Cettolin, Riedl Justice under uncertainty Management Science, 63(11), 3691-3707
Boone, Schottmuller Health insurance without single crossing: Why healthy people have high coverage The Economic Journal, 127(599), 84-105