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Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC)

TILEC, a Center of Excellence at Tilburg University, supports and stimulates academic research on the governance of economic activity, aiming to be a global leader in this field. Gathering more than 40 legal scholars and economists at Tilburg University and with over 50 extramural fellows, TILEC fosters academically path breaking and practically relevant research.

TILEC's research topic is governance of economic activity in the digital age. In the research themes competition & regulation, innovation, and institutions, TILEC members study how interactions between users and firms, organizations and their members, public agencies and regulated entities, courts and litigants, as well as voters and political parties are governed. Where does market power come from, and should we do anything about it? Who should act? What should be done? Why should we do it? What about specific industries, such as markets for data, energy, telecoms, healthcare, or search engines? What about specific organizations, such as competition authorities, patent offices, or nonprofit organizations? When is it better to enact a new law to tackle a problem, and when are private-ordering institutions, including standard-setting organizations and trade associations, or completely decentralized social networks the optimal governance institution?

Over the years, TILEC has collaborated with academic organizations, public authorities (especially regulators and competition authorities), think tanks, companies, and social partners. TILEC's research and researchers have influenced decisions at the EU and US Supreme Courts, have affected laws at the EU and national levels, and have helped policy makers, regulators, and other public authorities in several jurisdictions to identify and implement better policies, for the benefit of citizens and society at large.

Such collaborations improved the societal relevance of TILEC's research output and expanded its reach. Based on Social Science Research Network (SSRN) statistics, TILEC currently ranks among the top 10 economics departments globally and among the top 10 international law schools. TILEC constantly cultivates new collaborations and partnerships with academic and corporate partners as well as public authorities interested in advancing academic knowledge and regulatory frontiers.  

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