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Tilburg University regularly puts an alumnus in the spotlight. These alumni have reached interesting positions in their careers or have made special contributions to society or to the university.  Read more



As a mentor you help a student prepare for the labor market. You share your own experiences as a Tilburg University student as well as your professional experience. This way you contribute to the success of the students, not only at Tilburg University, but also in their future careers. Read more


  • 31 Oct 201712:45

    All you need to know about… Ayn Rand and America *
    To understand the USA today you need to understand Ayn Rand, one of its most influential novelists and philosophers. Dr. Herman de Regt will focus on Rand’s background, her philosophy, and its meaning for American business and the American dream. (language: English) Read more

  • 21 Nov 201719:30

    Moderne relaties - player of partner? *
    A modern love relationship could be defined as: "Two people with different personalities, backgrounds and desires that try to satisfy each other as long as possible on an emotional, sexual, intellectual, friendly and domestic level. Preferably without breaks and sexual interference of others, often in the same house." Because this seems like a rather difficult project, some important do's and don'ts are given by scientists. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 22 Nov 201719:30

    Warandelezing 2017: Bernice Notenboom over klimaatverandering *
    Bernice Notenboom, number 3 in the Dutch 2016 Sustainable Top 100, wants to show what disaster is taking place as a result of climate change. She recently did a similar presentation for 66 representatives from the business community during a joint visit to Spitsbergen.’ (language: Dutch) Read more