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  • 21 Nov 201719:30

    Moderne relaties - player of partner? *
    A modern love relationship could be defined as: "Two people with different personalities, backgrounds and desires trying to satisfy each other as long as possible emotionally, sexually, intellectually, domestically, and as friends. Preferably without breaks and sexual interference from others, and often in the same house." Because this seems a rather 'risky' project, science can help us with some important do's and don'ts. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 22 Nov 201719:30

    Warandelezing 2017 - Bernice Notenboom: IJs of geen ijs? Klimaatverandering en de polen *
    Bernice Notenboom, number 3 in the Dutch 2016 Sustainable Top 100, wants to show what disaster is taking place as a result of climate change. She recently did a similar presentation for 66 representatives from the business community during a joint visit to Spitsbergen.’ (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 28 Nov 201716:00

    Last Lecture – Ellen Dreezens on Character building *
    In this last lecture, Ellen Dreezens draws lessons from her life and the subjects that she teaches at University College Tilburg, in order to show the importance of character building. She will explain which 5 things inspire her most to be a responsible and self-realised person, and the underlying theory behind them. (language: English) Read more

  • 28 Nov 201716:30

    November Poetry Café
    We are excited to announce the November Poetry Café taking place on Tuesday November 28th, 2017. While hosting an array of established poets with outstanding literary talent, the Poetry Café's main purpose is to support people from all literary talents and experience. Whether it is your first time experimenting with rhyme or you have written a few poems this is the place for you to make poetry, meet established poets and most importantly to create and share your literary inspiration. (language: English) Read more

  • 30 Nov 201716:00

    All you need to know about… the Psychology behind Eye Tracking *
    The method of eye tracking can be used to gain a deeper understanding of psychological processes. Social psychologists Willem Sleegers and Fieke Wagemans will discuss the history and the process of eye tracking and present some striking examples. (language: English) Read more

  • 01 Dec 201715:30

    Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award 2017 *
    In dedication to World Human Rights Day, presentation of the Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award 2017 for the best PhD thesis and the best Master’s thesis on human rights. With a lecture by Jolien Schukking, judge at the European Court of Human Rights. (language: English) Read more

  • 07 Dec 201719:30

    Willem Witteveenlezing 2017 met Kim Putters (SCP) *
    A thriving democratic state under the rule of law rests on a broad and strong middle class. When social equality is under pressure, then ultimately so is the democratic state. What are the biggest obstacles here, and more importantly: what can and should be done about them? (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 14 Dec 201716:00

    All you need to know about… René Descartes and the mind-body problem *
    René Descartes (1596-1650) is famous for his slogan: I think, therefore I am. But what is he? He argues that he is both a mind and a body. Mind and body can exist and function without the other, but they do interact. Hans Dooremalen will discuss the exchange of ideas about this between Descartes and Princess Elisabeth of the Palatinate. (language: English) Read more

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However, we also like to highlight the yearly Night University, on Thursday November 16th, 2017, with the theme ‘Back to the Future’. Immerse yourself in the past, the present, and the future. Take workshops, attend lectures and dance to the music of the twenties, the present, and the future. Get to know more on prejudices, on science fiction in movies, on sustainability, on warfare, and on privacy. Watch Greg Shapiro assume the role of Donald Trump and experience the cultural talents of our students. This event is for everyone who is interested and is part of the 90th anniversary celebrations.


Academic Forum

Academic Forum organizes symposia, debates and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social and ideological issues. The themes of these gatherings are related to four domains: 'Ethics of science', 'Reflection on life', 'Science & society' and 'Cultural diversity'. Exchanging knowledge, sharing perspectives, questioning and challenging each other, lead us to better and new knowledge. As a university with Understanding Society as its motto, the debate with staff, students and society is essential.

Furthermore, Academic Forum acts as a sparring partner and advisor, in particular where it concerns issues at the interface of values and science. Not only are we active on campus, we also promote the academic climate in the city and exploit knowledge and expertise in the region.



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