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Surely you are studying to get to the top? If you're the adventurous type who likes excitement, climbing is for you. Whether indoors on the climbing wall or outdoors on a real rock face, climbing is an extremely challenging sport. The objective is to get to the top: the highest point of the wall or the summit of the mountain. Doing so will give you an immense feeling of satisfaction. You will want to take a more difficult route each time, pushing back your boundaries and challenging yourself even more. Climbing might appear simple: you just clamber your way up, don't you? Well, try it for yourself! The thrill of completing a difficult route entirely under your own steam is indescribable. You'll be exhausted, but you will have achieved your aim. And on a real rock face, your rewards will be great. There is likely to be a breathtaking view! You'll have time for a few minutes reflecting on the beauty of nature before abseiling back down and planning your next route.

Climbing pass

If you wish to use the Sports Center's climbing wall, you must be in possession of a climbing autorization. It is issued only to those who can show that they know and apply all safety procedures. Unless you can show previous climbing experience, you must take a safety course. A climbing autorization will be issued at the sole discretion of the Sports Center's own climbing instructor and/or an independent assessor from the national TilSAC climbing federation. (Membership of TilSAC is not required to use the climbing wall.)

Individual climbing

Everyone in possession of a climbing autorization can use the climbing wall during certain hours. You can then work on your techniques and general climbing fitness.

Level 1: Climbing safety course

The course trains beginners to use the essential safety equipment. Our instructor will teach you the basics of sports climbing in the beginners' course. In four sessions at the Sports Center we will teach you things such as belaying, 'falling', rope techniques, climbing ethics and the basic climbing techniques. Climbing is for everyone! What is more, at the end of the beginners' course you will receive a climbing certificate and a national license. The license is administered for you free of charge at national level. After completing the course, you can move on to the intermediate course in order to learn all the ins and outs of climbing.

Level 2: Advanced climbing

Anyone in possession of a climbing pass can join the advanced group. The sessions cover various advanced climbing techniques in detail, and consider such aspects as strength, endurance, warming up and how to 'read' and plan a route.

For everyone with a Tilburg University sports membership:

On Monday and Friday from 14:00 - 23:00h bouldering for 5 euro at Block013. 

Discounts on courses at Neoliet Tilburg

  • Indoor Top Rope Course (4 x 2-hour meetings)
    • 50% discount (46 euros instead of 92 euros)
    • including entry, use of equipment, instruction, BKS climbing license K2 and use of climbing shoes
    • 1 month of free climbing after you obtain the K2 climbing license
    • 15% discount on the starter pack
    • 10% discount on climbing shoes
  • Technique and Tactics Course (4 x 2-hour meetings)
    • 25% discount (48.75 euros instead of 65 euros)
    • including entry and instruction, excluding climbing equipment (normally excluding entry!)
    • 10% discount in the Neoliet shop
  • Indoor Lead Climbing Course (4 x 2-hour meetings)
    • 25% discount (63.75 euros instead of 85 euros)
    • including entry, use of the lead climbing equipment, instruction, BKS climbing license K3 (normally excluding entry!)
    • 10% discount in the Neoliet shop
  • Outdoor Lead Climbing Course and multi-pitch climbing in Orpierre
    • 20% discount (240 euros instead of 300 euros)
    • including use of lead climbing equipment
    • excluding travel and accommodation costs (camping)
    • Mid-term break (week 42), May vacation and summer vacation
    • 10% discount in the Neoliet shop

Discounts on training at Neoliet Tilburg:

  • Regular training groups (41 weeks of training per year)
    • 20% discount (monthly direct debit of 41.50 euros instead of 51.50 euros*) 
    • Unlimited climbing for the entire year
    • One session a week training with the regular training group (Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs)
    • Direct debit annual subscription
    • Cancellation after a minimum of one year (notice period is one calendar month)
    • No training during vacations
    • 10% discount in the Neoliet shop

*These discounts for TILSAC are only valid for TILSAC members with a valid student card.

Course Yes
Training Yes
Competition No
Association Tilsac
Location Sports Center and Neoliet Climbing Center
NB You are required to obtain a climbing autorization first. Free climbing can only be done with a minimum of two people. Before you start, you need to show and hand in your climbing passes at the Sports Center front desk.
Required Long (track suit) trousers, short fingernails, clean sports shoes or climbing shoes. Remove all jewellery (including rings). If you wear glasses, ensure that they are securely attached by means of a cord.
Further information

More Information

Sign up climbing course August 29 2018
Course 1 September 6 2018
Course 2 September 13 2018
Course 3 September 20 2018
Course 4 September 27 2018
Course 5 October 4 2018
* you have to follow the five courses for your climbing pass.