Accessibility with a disability


Virtually all the university buildings provide reasonably easy access for people with a physical disability. Below you will find further information about disabled parking, public transport links to and from the university, and room and corridor accessibility for wheelchair users. It also indicates where the disabled toilets are located in each building.

Parking spaces

Disabled parking facilities are located:

  • In the car park on the west side of the university near the Warande building (W): 3 parking spaces
  • At the rear of the Dante building (D): 2 parking spaces
  • In the Tias building (T) car park: 2 parking spaces
  • Near the entrance to the Simon Building (S) (one can be accessed via through Cobbenhagenlaan and one through Academielaan)
  • In the car park of Academia building (A): 2 parking spaces

*Under certain circumstances, disabled persons may park on the campus grounds with prior approval by the Department of Safety and Security (visit Vigilant building or contact ph: 0031 13 466 3300).

**There are no special parking facilities at the Olympia Building (O). For a ground plan of the campus, please click on

Public transport links

The university has a number of bus and rail links. Please note, however, that station 'Tilburg Universiteit' has no wheelchair facilities. It is better to travel to station 'Tilburg Centraal' and from there by bus or taxi.

The website journey planner has up to date information about public transport links.

Rooms with no access for wheelchair users (students and teachers)

  • CZ 05
  • CZ 023 Silent Study Room (the bunker, can only be accessed using the stairs)
  • C 186 (Ruth First room) and C 187 (Study Room): no access for heavy electric-powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters, as they do not fit in the elevator
  • The break-out rooms on the first and second floor of the Tias building (can only be accessed using the stairs)
Rooms with partial accessibility (upstairs only) for students:
  • CZ 115
  • WZ 01
  • DZ 1, DZ 2, DZ 3 and DZ 4 (using a ramp and doors will open automatically)
  • CZ 10

On the staircase of CZ 10 is a platform elevator. You need a key for using this elevator, which is to pick up at the Department “Security” (Key Management) in Vigilant building. Phone: 0031 013 466 3000. The first time the disabled is accompanied by an employee of Security and he/she will give a short instruction on how to use the elevator. You can get the manual here.

Rooms with no / partial accessibility for teachers:

  • WZ 01: no access
  • DZ 2 and DZ 3: no access
  • DZ 1 (only under supervision through a ramp outside to the basement)
  • CZ 115 (route ground floor for wheelchair depended people)
  • CZ 10 (only under supervision because there are no automatic doors, route basement for wheelchair depended people)

Rooms with limited accessibility for students:

C 186 (Ruth First room) and C 187 (Study Room): Accessible using the elevator in the coffee corner of the Cobbenhagen building

CZ 111 to CZ 114 (can only be accessed using the elevator in the auditorium)

The first and second floor of the Goossens building (G) have limited access. The lifts are located on the west side of the Koopmans building (K), with a ramp for accessing the Goossens building

PZ 40 and PZ 41 (only downstairs in the room)

Accessibility inside university buildings

Most buildings provide wheelchair accessible facilities. There are, however, a few problematic areas. The upper floors of the Esplanade Building (E) are difficult to access (the Student Center where most of the student associations are located). The corridors in the Prisma building (P) are rather narrow. The corridors in the Cobbenhagen building (C) are spacious enough but due to the limited number of lifts in the building, wheelchair users may be forced to make lengthy detours. The ramp from the first floor of the Goossens building (G) to the lifts in the Koopmans building (K) is very steep. A wheelchair is available for occasional use by the switchboard in the hall of the Koopmans building.

Elevators and stairs:
The upper and lower steps of the stairs inside university buildings are clearly marked and are all equipped with at least one handrail.

Though the university lifts are generally small they nevertheless meet the standard requirements, with the following exceptions:

  • The elevator near the auditorium in the Cobbenhagen Building which only provides access to the first floor and not the basement
  • The elevator behind the coffee corner counter in the Cobbenhagen Building, which is not suitable for mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs
  • The elevator at the rear of the Tias Building, which is unsuitable for wheelchair users wishing to reach the lecture theaters, as it only goes as far as the mezzanine floor.


Disabled toilets are provided at the following locations:

  • A (Academia building): ground floor (immediately go to the left after the entrance)
  • C (Cobbenhagen building): behind the lecture theater CZ 10, room C 47 and first floor room C 175 near CZ 115
  • D (Dante building): opposite DZ 9 (ground floor) and third floor (opposite room DZ 301)
  • E (Esplanade = Student Center): in the corridor behind the elevator beside the black box
  • G (Goossens building): first floor next tot GZ 106 (please note: this toilet has limited room for manoeuvre and no sink)
  • K (Koopmans building): second floor- east side, sixth floor - east side, ninth floor - west side
  • L (Library): on all levels is a disabled toilet in the NW-corner
  • M (Montesquieu building): ground floor in the middle of the hall (M 61), third floor (M 364) and sixth floor (M 691)
  • Olympia Building (Sports Center): near the changing rooms (disabled shower cubicle; key available from the porter)
  • P (Prisma building): next to the porter's lodge at the entrance (ground floor), in the corridor 8 opposite room P 8.01 (ground floor) and opposite room P 1.169 (first floor)
  • R (restaurant): near the main entrance and in the hallway at Tilbury's (not ideal for wheelchair users)
  • S (Simon building): ground floor (not ideal for wheelchair users)
  • W (Warande building): rear of the foyer, near the stairwell
  • Z (Zwijssen building = Silence Center): opposite the entrance

Facilties for students with a disability

Students with a disability who have questions about educational facilities or want advice on special arrangements or practical tips on how to manage their studies should contact their faculty academic advisor.