Tilburg University Cobbenhagen building

Cobbenhagen building

Learn more about the facilities in building Cobbenhagen (c building).

Visiting address

Postal address

Warandelaan 2

PO Box 90153

5037 AB Tilburg


The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Signpost to Tilburg University

Opening hours

  • Monday till Friday  from 08:00 - 22:30 hrs
  • Saturday and Sunday closed

The Cobbenhagen Building also houses the following services and facilities:

  • Lecture Rooms
  • Art loan Tilburg University

Accessibility with a disability

For people with disabilities, Cobbenhagen can only be reached from Koopmans by the glass corridor. 

Main entrance

Cobbenhagen building’s main entrance, the Queen's entrance (Koninginne-ingang), can be reached via the footpath from the direction of the Hogeschoollaan. In addition, you can use the entrance to the Small Foyer, which can be reached via the Warande parking lot.


The elevators in the buildings of Tilburg University are usually small, but meet the requirements.  The elevator near the auditorium only goes to the second floor and not to the basement. The elevator behind the coffee room is unsuitable for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.

Lecture rooms

Lecture room Accessibility for visitors Accessibility for lecturers/speakers
CZ 05  Only by the stairs  
C 023 (de bunker) Only by the stairs  
C 186 (Ruth First zaal) / C 187 (Study room)

Via elevator in the coffee room*

* Heavy electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters do not fit in the elevator.

CZ 10

With wheelchair at the top of the hall.

There is a platform elevator on the stairs to the hall, the key to which is available from the Safety & Security Department (tel. 013 - 466 3000).

Via MIVA route basement*

* Guidance required due to lack of automatic doors

CZ 111 up to  CZ 114

Accessible only by the elevator at the Aula


CZ 115

With wheelchair at the top of the hall.

Via MIVA route basement*