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Communication and Information Sciences

In the MSc in Communication and Information Sciences you learn how people acquire and transfer information, and how new means of communication can be used creatively and innovatively. Examine the broad concept of communication from many perspectives, including those of linguistics, cognitive and social psychology, computational modeling and document design.

Why Communication and Information Sciences in Tilburg?

Encounter state-of-the-art research in the broad interdisciplinary field of natural communication

In this Master’s program, you will encounter state-of-the-art research in the broad interdisciplinary field of communication.

  • The point of departure is natural communication: how is information transferred from one person to another? For what purpose?
  • Discover many different aspects of communication such as the effect that words can have, how people produce language, and linguistic phenomena such as metaphors, and the stories behind them.

Become a communication expert

You will participate in a wide range of courses such as communication strategies, non-verbal communication and computer vision. This combination of approaches and research traditions will enable you to work as a communication expert, and answer questions such as:

  • What is the best way to present information to an audience?
  • How do people communicate within an organization?
  • How can you influence people's behavior through language?

Specialize yourself bij choosing one of four different tracks

The one-year Master's program in Communication and Information Sciences offers four different tracks. Check the program page for an overview of all the courses per track.

Business Communication and Digital Media

In the track Business Communication and Digital Media you will focus on communication issues in the area of business communications. You will research how people communicate with one another using a variety of means, and how they process information through language, pictures, sound and computers.

More about the Business Communication and Digital Media track

Communication Design

In the Communication Design track you will learn the different factors that influence the effectiveness of verbal and written texts as communication tools. These factors can be textual characteristics, such as style and structure, but also the conversation characteristics and influence of non-verbal communication are taken into consideration, as well as the purpose of the text and the context in which readers process the information.

More about the Communication Design track

Data Journalism

In the Data Journalism track you will explore the opportunities of data journalism from four angles: data retrieval, data storytelling, data visualization and data publishing. It combines the scientific methods of data treatment with the core values of journalism: select, arrange, digest and reflect. This track puts a strong focus on online and social media based journalism.

More about the Data Journalism track

Human Aspects of Information Technology

The track Human Aspects of Information Technology is about optimizing automated systems that provide access to enormous amounts of information, like search engines, websites and digital helpdesks. In this context you will address questions like:

  • How can we make sure that people get the exact information or (access to) the knowledge that they require?
  • What technologies do we have at our disposal to make this happen?
  • How can users' demands and wishes be catered for most naturally?

More about the Human Aspects of Information Technology track

The Master's program in Communication and Information Sciences in short

Language English
Start The end of January or the end of August
Duration 12 months. More about the courses and program structure
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Costs Tuition fees / Scholarships
Bachelor's with direct access Communication and Information Sciences. More about the admission requirements and application procedure
Pre-Master's Available (30 ECTS, only a fall intake)
After graduation Communication consultant, trainer or officer. More about the career perspectives