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Research Master in Economics

CentER's Research Master's program in Economics offers two years of graduate level coursework and research training in economics. It prepares you for PhD dissertation research. The program is intergrated with CentER's three-year PhD program to comprise the five-year Graduate Program in Economics.

The first year of the Research Master's program in Economics is fully devoted to rigorous training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. It equips you with a sound basis in economic and econometric theory and methods.

The second year of the Research Master's program in Economics is evenly split between specialized coursework and a first major research paper, the Research Master thesis. This year allows you to explore the many research areas available at CentER, to fully develop your research interests, and to match up with one or more advisers that share your interests.

Research Master in Economics in short

Language English
Start End of August
Duration Two years
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Tuition fee Tuition Fees 2016/2017
Specifics Specialized program to prepare for a PhD or for a professional career in a (international) research-based environment
More information Graduate Officers: center-gs@tilburguniversity.edu