Institutes and research groups

Studying, understanding, helping, guiding: our research aims to contribute to a better understanding of complex social issues.

Institutes and research groups

Studying, understanding, helping, guiding: Tilburg University aims to use its research to contribute to a better understanding of complex social issues. Researchers do so by looking at underlying structures, links and meanings. The research conducted on Tilburg University's campus leads to new insights and questions, but also to practical advice and recommendations.

Research institutes

Tilburg University research is conducted within the faculties' graduate schools or within one of its many research institutes. Each institute specializes in one or more areas of expertise; there are faculty and multidisciplinary institutes. In the latter type, specialists from various disciplines work together. Always with a view to innovative science.

Centers of Excellence

A number of multidisciplinary research centers receive additional support from Tilburg University's Executive Board to develop into an academic Center of Excellence, which will allow them to remain leading in their (international) field of research. An independent committee determines whether these institutes live up to high standards. The International Victimology Institute INTERVICT, Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, TILEC, the Tilburg Law and Economics Center and CoRPS, Center of Research on Psychology in Somatic diseases, have acquired the status of Center of Excellence.


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  • Center for the Study of Superdiversity
    Theme: Cultural diversity
  • Centre for Governance of Private Public-Sector Enterprise
    Theme: Private public-sector enterprise
  • CCL

    Center for Company Law
    Theme: Facilitating company law
  • CCP

    Competence Centre for Pension research
    Theme: Pensions and other provisions for the future
  • CentER for Research in Economics and Business
    Theme: Academic research into economics, econometrics, finance and accounting
  • Applied Economics Research Institute
    Theme: Applied economics research
  • Institute for data collection and research
    Theme: Research questions, data collection, and data analysis
  • CIR

    Center for Innovation Research
    Theme: Innovation, organisation, and management
  • CJP

    Centre for Prison Pastoral Care
    Theme: Prison pastoral care
  • Center of Research on Psychology in Somatic diseases
    Theme: Medical psychology
  • CPR

    Centre for Patristic Research
    Theme: Early development of Christian thinking about man, society, creation and the triune God
  • Center for Transboundary Legal Development
    Theme: Development of transboundary law
  • Cardinal Willebrands Research Center
    Theme: Research on the Roman-Catholic tradition of oecumenism
  • EBC

    European Banking Center
    Theme: European banking system and supervision
  • European Research Institute on Service Science
    Theme: Innovation in services
  • EVS

    European Values Study
    Theme: Human values in Europe
  • FIT

    Tilburg Tax Institute
    Theme: Tax law system
  • FSC

    Franciscan Study Centre
    Theme: Spirituality, theology, and history
  • Institute for Globalization and Sustainable Development
    Theme: Globalization and sustainable development
  • Graduate School for Humanities
    Theme: Working environment for MA/Research students, PhD students, and researchers
  • International Victimology Institute Tilburg
    Theme: Victimology
  • Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies
    Theme: Rituals, Christian liturgy, sacred places, popular religion, music and Christianity
  • Legal Philosophy
    Theme: Unification and Pluralisation in Transnational Legal Contexts
  • Luce - Centre for Religious Communication
    Theme: Religious communication
  • Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement
    Theme: Pensions, aging and retirement
  • International centre for intellectual reflection
    Theme: Intellectual reflection
  • PMC

    People Management Center
    Theme: Platform of HR knowledge and competence which bridges HR practice and theory at the highest level
  • Research Institute for Flexicurity, Labour Market Dynamics and Social Cohesion
    Theme: Flexicurity, labour market dynamics, and social cohesion
  • RJC

    Study Group Relationship Judaism Christianity
    Theme: Judaism and Christianity
  • Statelessness Programme
    Theme: Research, Training and Outreach on statelessness and related issues.
  • TCE

    Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship
    Theme: Research, education, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Brabant Centre for Sustainable Development
    Theme: Sustainable development
  • Tilburg Graduate Law School
    Theme: Legal methodology and the interdisciplinary study of law
  • Thomas Instituut
    Theme: Work and theology of Thomas van Aquino (1224/5-1274)
  • Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research
    Theme: Consumer behavior
  • Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication
    Theme: Artificial intelligence, cognitive modelling, human-computer interaction, serious gaming
  • Tilburg Institute Optimization
    Theme: Optimization
  • Tilburg Law and Economics Center
    Theme: Governance of economic activity
  • Center for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science
    Theme: Logic and the philosophy of science
  • Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society
    Theme: Technology Regulation
  • Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems
    Theme: Private law
  • Scientific Centre for Care and Welfare
    Theme: Transformation in care and welfare
  • TSC

    Tilburg Sustainability Center
    Theme: Sustainability, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility...
  • Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration
    Theme: Credibility in politics and public administration

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