Departement Filosofie

Departement Filosofie


TiLPS (Tilburg Center for Moral Philosophy, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science) is a lively and internationally recognized research center that engages in philosophical reflection on moral and scientific practices, often in dialogue with other disciplines.

Within TiLPS, both practical and theoretical philosophers work on philosophical issues related to morality, politics, knowledge and science. Their research primarily focuses on human actions, values, knowledge, cognition and reasoning.

History and profile

TiLPS was founded in 2007 and is traditionally known for its expertise in philosophy of science and (formal and Bayesian) epistemology. In its earlier years, it combined traditional philosophical tools such as conceptual analysis, logical deduction and case studies with tools such as mathematical modeling, simulations and psychological experiments. Over the years, TiLPS has shifted its focus from these more formal methods to a broader approach in theoretical philosophy. In addition, it has come to include more research within practical philosophy (moral and political philosophy) and philosophy of action and emotions.


TiLPS is headed by prof. dr. Maureen Sie. Through the menu on the left side of this page, you can find information about the members of TiLPS. There you can also find information about their research, including their most recent projects and publications. An overview of all research projects granted by external parties to members of TiLPS is available as well.

Some members of TiLPS are also associate members of, or are collaborating with, researchers of PHC&E (Philosophy of Humanity, Culture and Ethics).


Every two year TiLPS organizes the, internationally renowned Descartes Lectures TiLPS also organizes research seminars, symposia, workshops and reading groups. The weekly research seminar provides a forum for both guest speakers and members of TiLPS to present and discuss their work.

An overview of all research activities of the Department of Philosophy, including those organized by TiLPS, is given in the calendar (see the menu on the left side of this page). 


Please contact us if you want to attend any of these events or if you would like more information about TiLPS.

If you are interested in a research visit at TiLPS, check out our Visiting Fellows Program.

Department of Philosophy

TiLPS is embedded in the Department of Philosophy (TSHD).