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The Tilburg Sustainability Center provides research based support to companies, governments and organizations in their quest for sustainable development.

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Tilburg Sustainability Center

The Tilburg Sustainability Center (TSC) focuses its research on: Climate Action & Resource Efficiency, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Innovation and Sustainability & Governance.

TSC wants to help deal with the challenges of a globalizing world economy, where climate change and resource scarcity require innovative and interdisciplinary approaches and where both policymakers and corporations find it increasingly important to achieve growth in a responsible and sustainable manner.

By operating on the interface of economics, ethics and law, TSC researchers are excellently placed to provide support to companies, governments and other organizations in their quest for sustainable development. tsc outreach


  • 23 Oct 2018Direct link

    Nov 20: Warandelezing 2018 - Ed Nijpels over het Klimaatakkoord
    Ed Nijpels, former Dutch Minister of Environment and the driving force behind the “climate tables”, will provide an inside look into the negotiations on the Dutch fight against climate change. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 27 Sep 2018Press release

    Economic knowledge and understanding aid environmental transitions
    Inaugural address by Professor Herman Vollebergh

    PERSBERICHT 27 september 2018 - Environmental concerns loom larger than ever before. While the Paris Agreement evinces an ambitious challenge, politicians are struggling to press ahead and in the Netherlands, too, it remains to be seen whether this climate agreement initiates the great leap forwards. At the same time, criticism of the science of economics is rising, fueled by Kate Raworth’s advocacy of ‘doughnut economics’. She argues that economists have next to nothing to say about the structural social changes deemed necessary, ‘transitions’, given their preoccupation with non-existing rational people in a too limited linear world. Read more

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