Advisors and coaches

Tutoring and coaching

  • Education coordinators
    Each School has an education coordinator (sometimes also called study advisor, academic counselor or study counselor). You can contact them with the questions and problems that are specifically related to your educational program.
  • Admission officers
  • Dean of students
    A Dean of students informs and advises on all issues you have to deal with during your study. The Dean of students doesn't solve the problem. He or she can give you advice, mediate and / or refer.
  • Mentor program
    This program gives students the opportunity to ask alumni questions about their studies or future career and to learn from their experiences. Alumni will help the students in an informal way orientating on the labor market and with their studies.
  • Student psychologist
    A student psychologist offers short-term assistance regarding study and personal problems.
  • Student chaplaincy
  • Career coach and trainer
    The career coach can help you with making decisions regarding the study you have chosen, internships, applying for a job and the labor market.
  • Top-level sports coordinator
    Tilburg University offers athletes additional tutoring, housing and financial compensation for study delay because of you top sports status. Contact for further information the top sports coordinator. 
  • Confidential advisors
    The confidential advisors can help solve conflicts. The confidential advisors are available to anyone at the university who is confronted with unacceptable behavior.
  • Student Career Services

Additional information per School