Advisors and coaches

Mentor program for students

Can you use some help with your orientation on the labor market? Do you want to get in touch with our alumni and learn from their experiences?  Then join our mentor program and get your career started!

In preparation for the job market, it is very useful for students to get in touch with people in the business community. This way you can learn about future career options and develop professional and networking skills.  Who better than our own alumni to help you with that? The mentor program has a database with enthusiastic alumni, who are very interested in being a mentor.

For all our Bachelor- and Master students

The mentor program is available for all Tilburg University Bachelor- and Master Students. The duration of the program is one year. The mentor program is student driven. This means: it is up to you to start every part of the process. You apply for the program, you select a mentor and you will initiate the contact.

Personal study and career advise

What kind of advice can you get from your mentor? A few example questions or situations that your mentor can help you with:

  • How did your mentor prepare for the labor market? Ask for tips!
  • Ask how your mentor looks back on his/her Tilburg University education. What proved to be important for him later on?
  • Which important skills can help you in your career?
  • Ask your mentor for feedback on your CV!
  • Do you already have a dream job in mind? Ask you mentor how you can improve specific skills during your time as a student.
  • Or, you do not have a clue what you want to do after graduating? Ask your mentor for help with building your plans for the future.
  • Are you going to pick that hard elective, or will you take the easy way out? Ask your mentor for his experiences with different courses, which ones were useful?

Matching process: it is the student's initiative

  1. Students can register themselves by filling in the registration form.
  2. Consequently, they can review anonymous profiles of alumni mentors and select up to three preferred mentors
  3. The request will be forwarded to the mentor of the first choice.
  4. When the mentor accepts the request, the student will receive the name and contact information of the mentor. Consequently the student will take the initiative to get in contact.
  5. When student’s request is denied (for whatever reason), the student will be notified and can start looking for new possible mentors.