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HOWCOME Working Paper Series

Working Paper 19: ‘Do Housing Wealth and Tenure (Change) Moderatethe Relationship Between Divorce and Subjective Wellbeing?’ by Stéfanie André, Caroline Dewilde and Ruud Muffels

Working Paper 18: ‘Net Worth and Financial Wealth among Tenants and Homeowners in 14 EurozoneCountries with Different Institutional Arrangements’ by Barend Wind and Caroline Dewilde

Working Paper 17: ‘A Cluster Analysis of Path-Dependent Changes in the Housing Systems of the 11 Post-Communist EU States’ by Adriana Soaita and Caroline Dewilde is accepted for publication by Housing, Theory and Society

Working Paper 16: ‘Housing Pathways and Capital Gains in Sweden between 1995 and 2010’ by Barend Wind and Lina Hedman is accepted for publication by Urban Studies.

Working Paper 15: ‘The Financialization of Housing andAffordability in the Private Rental Sector’ by Caroline Dewilde

Working Paper 14: ‘The influence of Housing Wealth on Party Choice and Party Choice Change Before and During the Housing Crisis’ by Stéfanie André, Caroline Dewilde, Ruud Luijkx and Niels Spierings is accepted for publication in Comparative Politics

Working Paper 13: ‘Implications of Parental Divorce for the Homeownership of their Adult Children’, by Christa Hubers, Caroline Dewilde and Paul de Graaf

Working Paper 12: ‘Does Divorce Reduce Housing Wealth in Later Life? The Role of Housing Regimes’ by Barend Wind and Caroline Dewilde is published as 'Home-Ownership and Housing Wealth of Elderly Divorcees in Ten European Countries’ in Ageing and Society

Working Paper 11: ‘TheTenure Gap in Electoral Participation. Comparing Homeowners and Tenants acrossHousing Regimes’ by Stéfanie André, Caroline Dewilde and Ruud Luijkx is published as ‘The Tenure Gap in Electoral Participation: Instrumental Motivation or Selection Bias? Comparing Homeowners and Tenants across Four Housing Regimes’, in International Journal of Comparative Sociology

Working Paper 10: 'Housing Regimes and Housing Outcomes in Europe', by Caroline Dewilde is published as ‘Do Housing Regimes Matter? Assessing the Concept of Housing Regimes through Configurations of Housing Outcomes’ in International Journal of Social Welfare

Working Paper 9: 'Housing Wealth Inequality across Occupational Classes: A Comparison of European Housing Wealth Accumulation Regimes', by Barend Wind, Philipp M. Lersch & Caroline Dewilde is published as ‘The Distribution of Housing Wealth in 16 European Countries: Accounting for Institutional Differences’ in Housing and the Built Environment

Working Paper 8: 'Aspiration towards Homeownership and Labour Supply', by Philipp M. Lersch and Wilfred Uunk is published as 'The Shadow of Future Homeownership: The Effects of Wanting to Move into Homeownership on Labour Supply' in Work, Employment and Society.

Working Paper 7: 'Ongelijkheid in woonuitkomsten: België in vergelijkend perspectief, 1995 en 2012’, by Caroline Dewilde (revised version published as book chapter in Woonnood in Vlaanderen. Feiten, mythen, voorstellen)

Working Paper 6: 'Do Homeowners Save More? A Longitudinal Analysisfor the UK and Germany', by Philipp M. Lersch

Working Paper 5: 'The Effect of Socialisation on Later-Life Homeownership in Europe', by Philipp M. Lersch & Ruud Luijkx is published as ‘Intergenerational Transmission of Homeownership in Europe: Revisiting the Socialization Hypothesis’ in Social Science Research

Working Paper 4: 'Trends in Housing Inequalities in Europe: What Has Happened and Why Does It Matter?', by Caroline Dewilde & Pascal De Decker is published as ‘Changing Inequalities in Housing Outcomes across Western Europe’ in Housing, Theory and Society

Working Paper 3: 'Young People's Employment and Homeownership in Europe' by Philipp M. Lersch & Caroline Dewilde is published as ‘Employment Insecurity and First-Time Homeownership: Evidence from Twenty-Two European Countries’ in Environment and Planning A

Working Paper 2: 'Marital Dissolution and Tenure Outcomes in Old Age', by Caroline Dewilde & Haya Stier is published as ‘Homeownership in Later Life – Does Divorce Matter?’ in Advances in Life Course Research 

Working Paper 1: 'Home-owners, Tenants and Institutionalized Solidarity' by Stéfanie André & Caroline Dewilde is published as ‘Home Ownership and Support for Government Redistribution’ in Comparative European Politics

Working Paper 0: 'The Interplay between Economic Inequality Trends and Housing Regimes Changes in Advances Welfare Democracies. A New Research Agenda', by Caroline Dewilde (conceptual paper based on HOWCOME research proposal)