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Tilburg University operates in the area of the humanities and social sciences. More than 1300 scientists work at one of our five Schools, focusing on economics, business and entrepreneurship, social and behavioral sciences, law and public administration, the humanities and digital sciences, and theology. More than 1000 employees in the seven Divisions of University Services support the Schools.

Our mission: Understanding Society

Tilburg University’s goal is to actively contribute to society. We want to serve society and make it a better place for all citizens. Our university has always actively promoted ways to firmly embed our education and research in society. 

Our mission of Understanding Society is based on the Christian and humanist traditions in which we have our roots. Important basic principles are sustainability and diversity in the context of corporate social responsibility. We are committed to a society based on these values to which we give shape jointly with citizens and social organizations, government and business.

We also apply this joint approach in our own working environment. We regularly organize symposia and conferences in which debate plays a central role. Here we exchange knowledge, share perspectives, ask each other questions, and challenge one another. 

In the book Met het oog op goed leven you can read more about the culture and heritage of Martinus Cobbenhagen, one of our founders.  

Martinus Cobbenhagen, grondleggen van Tilburg University

Martinus Cobbenhagen

The name of the priest and academic, Martinus Cobbenhagen, and Tilburg University are inextricably bound to one another.Cobbenhagen was the first in the Netherlands to propagate the notion that the practice and ethics of economics go hand in hand; an idea that to this day forms one of the corner stones of the university's identity.

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