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Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research

TIBER 2017 Symposium

We are happy to announce that the TIBER 2017 Symposium on Psychology and Economics will take place on August 25, 2017!

We invite everyone who is interested to attend, also if you are not presenting your own research.

The deadline for registration has passed. For late registration, please send an e-mail to j.wissink@tilburguniversity.edu. We will charge a late registration fee of €10.

Find the full program here.

About the TIBER Symposium

TIBER brings together Economists, Psychologists, Marketing researchers and others who work on Behavioral Decision Making, either in individual or interdependent settings. We look for empirical contributions from diverse fields, such as Individual Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Bargaining, Social Dilemmas, Experimental Games, Emotions, Fairness and Justice, Rational Choice, and related subjects.

The symposium takes place at Tilburg University and consists of two keynotes, parallel sessions with presentations of 20 minutes, and a poster session.

The deadline for submission abstracts has been passed. View our Call for Abstracts here.

Keynote speakers

Over the previous 14 years, we have welcomed great keynote speakers like Lise Vesterlund, Dan Goldstein, Richard Zeckhauser, Shane Frederick, John List, Jack Knetsch, Rick Larrick, Thomas Gilovich, Daniel Kahneman, Eldar Shafir, Ravi Dhar, Ernst Fehr, Werner Güth, George Loewenstein, Colin Camerer, James Andreoni, George Wu, Dan Ariely, and others. This year, we are excited to have:

as keynote speakers.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Joeri Wissink.