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Anne Lafarre

an assistant professor at TLS, the department of Private, Business, and Labour Law.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Anne Lafarre and I am an assistant professor at TLS, the department of Private, Business, and Labour Law. I have just started my Veni project on the role of institutional investors in sustainable companies. I combine this research with teaching and management tasks, as I am also program director Tilburg of the Joint Bachelor Data Science (together with Eindhoven University of Technology). I am fascinated by law ánd working with data (particularly empirical legal research), which makes this the perfect combination for me. A while ago I moved from the beautiful city of Den Bosch to Tilburg Reeshof. While I've always stated that 'De Reeshof' wouldn't be a good fit for me, I have to admit that I enjoy living there - with of course the opportunity to regularly 'escape' to nearby city centers to explore museums, theaters, and concerts.

Anne Laffare

Research and education are two important pillars of academia. What do they mean to you?

Education and research go hand in hand: the university is an educational institution where all kinds of beautiful and innovative research is carried out. These findings should be brought to the classroom and discussed with the students. Teaching for me is about inspiring and motivating students; research is being curious about everything around you.

I am particularly interested in how company law can contribute to more sustainable companies. There is an awful lot happening in this area right now, and there is a noticeable shift to a more modern view of this area of law. Just think of the recent Shell/Nigeria and Milieudefensie/Shell cases, but also the FollowThis shareholder resolution at Shell’s shareholder meeting in 2021 and Dutch pension fund ABP's decision to leave the fossil sector.

You are now one of the initial members of the TYA. What is that like?

It is very inspiring to be a member of TYA! You get to know other researchers from other faculties and disciplines and you learn a lot about each other's working methods and different insights. There are many young academics with great intrinsic motivation who have really chosen to work in the university and inspire students and the outside world with teaching and research. It is certainly not always easy for this group: for example, there is a lot of uncertainty and a high workload. Their well-being and motivation must be secured, which is why it is important that TYA represents their interests. TYA also deals with important themes such as diversity and sustainability.

I am sure you all have topics that are important to you. What is your main focus in the TYA?

In addition to representing young academics and improving their position within the university, I think it is very important that Tilburg, with its motto Understanding Society, focuses on sustainability. This should be reflected in every possible way: in research, in education, and in strategic plans and policies, including for instance avoiding plastic cups in coffee corners.   

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