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Aspire for a career at the top of the financial world

The Master's program in Finance delivers broad business knowledge and specialized expertise in both financial management and investment analysis - first-rate preparation for students seeking a career at the top of the world of finance.

Investments and corporate finance

Taught by lecturers from Tilburg University's Department of Finance, home to some of the world's most renowned and cited academics, the program offers the latest thinking across the essentials of investments and corporate finance. Learn how to determine a firm's cost of capital, plan mergers and acquisitions, bring companies to the stock exchange, restructure corporations, make portfolio investment decisions, quantify risks, and hedge them using various derivative instruments.

Why choose the Master Finance

A Tilburg University Master's program in Finance offers you:

  • Excellent career prospects in the financial industry both on a national and international level with future careers including that of chief financial officer (CFO), financial planner, treasurer, portfolio manager, risk manager, or investment adviser.

  • A solid foundation in the principles - and practice - of finance. Learn the latest theoretical concepts from scientific literature and apply them to real-world cases during assignments, simulation games and in-class discussions. 

  • Teaching by some of the world's preeminent finance academics, faculty members from the Department of Finance at Tilburg University.

  • Scope to customize your degree. You can either choose to compose your own program with different electives or follow one of the specialized tracks. Follow the CFA track and get the best preparation for the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) level-1 exam. Or follow the Pensions, Aging and Retirement track.

Finance in short

Language English
Start End of August
Duration One year
Title Master of Science (MSc)
Best preparatory Bachelor’s program Bedrijfseconomie, International Business Administration. More about admission requirements and application procedure
Pre-Master’s program Yes, for hbo students and university graduates
After graduation Chief financial officer, financial planner, treasure for firms, banks and consulting agencies, portfolio manager, risk manager, investment adviser, PhD track
Tracks Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) track
The Pensions, Aging and Retirement track (Netspar)
Rankings #12 in Europe in Economics & Business - Academic Ranking of World Universities
#51-100 in the world in Business & Management – QS Subject Ranking

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