Hoogwaardig onderwijs in een internationale omgeving bereidt je voor op een verantwoordelijke positie in de samenleving.

Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science

Reach your intellectual potential in one of management's most challenging roles

Investors weigh risks against returns; insurers limit their risks by calculating the appropriate premiums; option traders balance their books by calculating the sensitivities of their positions with respect to the relevant risk factors.

Risk management through the lens of quantitative models

The Master's program in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science takes the critical field of risk management as its central theme, examined through the lens of quantitative models. Taught by the leading international academics of Tilburg University, content reflects the forefront of world developments. Delve into the challenging worlds of continuous time finance, empirical applications, and the actuarial sciences of risk theory and asset liability management - giving you a tool-kit of highly practical skills you can apply throughout your entire financial career.

A Tilburg University Master's program in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science offers:

  • The best preparation for a career in the arena - with a Tilburg University Master's degree recognized for its combined academic rigour and industry relevance.
  • Customized learning with a wide range of optional electives available including the possibility to follow courses from the Master's program in Finance or to customize your degree with a specialization in Pensions, Aging and Retirement.
  • The possibility for students, who completed the Master's program in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science and continue in the insurance and pensions industry, to make use of the part-time Executive Master in Actuarial Science offered by TIAS Business School and the Dutch Actuarial Institute. This is a part-time program that leads to the degree of fully qualified actuary (Actuaris AG).
  • Expansive career opportunities in a broad array of directions. Our students go on to pursue successful careers everywhere from large financial institutions to regulating institutions (central banks).

There are two start dates available for this Master's program: end of August and end of January.

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