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Language Center

We are the first to admit, the older you are when you learn a new language, the more difficult it is. After the age of twelve, the chance that someone will speak a language as good as someone who is a native speaker becomes increasingly smaller. But don’t be discouraged; that just increases the challenge! Besides, the better the learning conditions, the better and faster you will master the new language. This can have a number of advantages.

The learning conditions at the Tilburg University Language Center are very good. We would even dare to say they are excellent. What distinguishes us?

  1. our academically-trained instructors
  2. our modern facilities
  3. our focus on a highly-educated target group

Academically-trained instructors

Whatever language you are going to learn and whoever teaches you, all our instructors have a university degree. Our academic background has a great deal of advantages. Our instructors have everything at their disposal to develop a course that is geared toward the target group. We stay abreast of the latest developments in the area of language education through participation in congresses and symposia, which enables us to evaluate and improve our own educational programs. During the design of the course, they will select activities that stimulate your active participation as a learner. They will help you look at your own learning process and provide tips and ideas to encourage this process. And last but not least: our instructors are absolutely passionate about their subject and are capable of effectively developing this subject thoroughly thanks to their university education.

Modern facilities

The Language Center has access to six modern, fully-equipped classrooms. These classrooms have been optimally equipped for innovative language education. Three rooms are fully equipped with computers so that every student has their own pc. Two of these three rooms are also equipped as language labs. Our other three rooms are equipped with modern audio and video facilities which make it possible to include texts and visual material during class. Every room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard to provide interactive language education. Students can vote, cooperate or participate in quizzes via smartphone, iPad, tablet or laptop.

Focus on a highly-educated target group

Our language courses are not for everyone. We work at an accelerated rate and we expect a large amount of independent effort from our students. We are specifically geared toward a highly-educated target group: people who are admissible to higher education.  

Command of a language is not the only objective for our highly-educated student population; it is only an instrument to be able to communicate effectively. Knowledge about a language (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) is subordinate to language acquisition. If you take a course with us, you will learn to apply your skills within an intellectual context and you will apply this as soon as possible in the target language. The educational approach is attractive, intensive and stimulating. The group lessons, with a maximum of twenty participants, serve as a catalyst for the learning process which takes place primarily outside the classes