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Do you have difficulty writing academic texts, such as essays and theses? Do you need insight into your own writing process or improvement of your communicative skills? Then the course ‘Academic Writing’ is for you.

Academic writing in Dutch

8 x 2-hour classes, 6 hours self-study per week, 3 ECTS

This course teaches you the difference between academic and non-academic texts. You will process information from academic sources into your own texts and practice with objective, accurate and especially clear language use.

During the classes, you will discuss interesting mistakes from your work as well as other people’s work together with the other students. You will receive tips to eliminate the discrepancies in your grammar (such as reference links, active-passive). You will also design an outline and provide feedback to other students on their conceptual texts.

After completing the course, you will be able to divide the writing process into proportionate steps. You are more critical of your own texts and the sources you base them on. You know how to aim your text to an (academic) audience. You can also find solutions for grammar, spelling and punctuation problems.

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Dutch as a Second Language

If you are not planning on staying temporarily in the Netherlands, then it’s a good idea to learn Dutch. You’re at the right place at the Language Center. You can choose from a wide range of courses. You can learn how to survive day-to-day through our Social Dutch courses. We also offer in-depth courses to perfect your Dutch if you already have a very advanced level. Our intensive program of courses can train you to reach the level of the Dutch State Exam NT2, program II, within a year.

Social Dutch

  • geared toward highly-educated non-Dutch speakers who speak little or no Dutch
  • emphasis on day-to-day language use
  • practical vocabulary and basic grammar
  • objective is survival skills in day-to-day life
  • three-hour classes once a week
  • accelerated summer program available (daily classes for three weeks)

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Intensive course for the Dutch State Exam

  • learn Dutch quickly and correctly
  • three consecutive courses in a year
  • ready for the Dutch State Exam, program II within a year
  • payment can be made with a DUO loan
  • start at your own level
  • three start dates annually: end of August, beginning of December and beginning of April
  • possibility to follow an extra course to improve your B2-level (starts in September)

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Courses after the Dutch State Exam

  • your current level: B2 of the Common European Reference Framework
  • intensive B2+ course
  • new C1-course in Spring 2019
  • geared toward advanced non-native speakers

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