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Regulating in Times of Crisis 2021

TILTing Perspectives 2021 consisted of six different tracks: "Energy and Climate Crisis", "Cometion and Market Regulation", "Human Rivhts and Artificial Intelligence", "Intellectual Property (IP) Law", "Data Governance" and "Open Track".

TILTing perspectives 2021 brought together for the 7th time on May 19-21, 2021, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and civil society at the intersection of law, regulation, technology and society to share insights, exchange ideas and formulate, discuss and propose answers to contemporary challenges related to technological innovation. 

The conference in short

We are living through turbulent times that strain individuals and communities; yet, the current crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic has also proved thought-provoking for policymakers and regulatory scholars. The responses to COVID-19 have sparked lively discussions on the relationship between public health and private and/or government interventions. 

But concerns on how societies approach regulation and how our rights and freedoms are affected by crises are not new. Consider, for example, the climate and humanitarian crises together with other major global challenges: all of them call for new ways of thinking about regulation and, potentially, about new ways of acting as academics or citizens. The COVID-19 is thus also an impetus to reflect upon how we regulate crises and how crisis situations impact regulation.

These challenging times have led us to adopt ‘Regulating in Times of Crisis’ as the overarching theme for the seventh bi-annual TILTing Perspectives on the intersection of law, technology, and society.

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TILTing Perspectives 2021 consisted of six different tracks:

Opening and Keynote Round table

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Roundtable Speakers

  • Sofia Ranchordas

    Sofia Ranchordas

    Full Professor of European and Comparative Public Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen
  • Tamar Sharon

    Tamar Sharon

    Associate professor in philosophy of technology and co-director of the Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance (iHub) at Radboud University
Call for papers

* Please note that this year there will be no ‘best paper award’