Organization Studies Tilburg University

Research Department Organization Studies

The department of Organization Studies examines the adaptiveness of organizations from a relational perspective. Our work focuses on the interaction of organizations with their institutional environment, the interaction of organizations with other organization within networks, and the interaction of organizational members within and between organizations and organizational teams.

Our work is connected to the research program of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences “Health, Well-Being and Adaptiveness” and focuses on understanding the adaptiveness of organizations. Our work is organized around three research topic groups.

These groups are:

Members of the department are invited to participate in one or more of these groups. The groups have brown bag meetings on a regular basis in which they discuss developments in their field of interest, exchange ideas, present their work in progress and collaborate in common research projects. Although each group consists of a number of core members, the meetings and activities are open to all faculty, PhD students, and research master students.

The department engages in the broader international academic community by inviting scholars from foreign universities for visits, and encourages department faculty and PhD students to visit other universities not only to present their work in progress but also to collaborate with international scholars.  Our department actively participates in major conferences in our field (e.g. Academy of Management Conference, Strategic Management Society Conference, European Group for Organizational Studies, & European Academy of Management Conference).

Participation includes but is not restricted to organizing professional development workshop, symposiums, standing working groups, and of course presenting research papers and projects. Additionally, our department organizes local conferences and workshops (e.g. most recently Tilburg Temporary Organizations Conference, 2018).