Bereikbaarheid per trein

To Tilburg University by public transport

View how to reach Tilburg University and the Sports Centre by train and bus via Tilburg University Station and Tilburg Central Station.


Plan your route by public transport via

  • For more information about the facilities of the train stations, please check the railway route planner on the website of the Dutch Railway (NS)
  • See the information regarding bus transport on the website of Arriva. About every five minutes, a bus departs from the central bus station of Tilburg to the university. Each stop will be announced automatically and made visible in the bus.

    A bus stop is located near Simon building at the conservatoriumlaan near Reitse Poort / Reitse toren. 

Train station 'Tilburg Universiteit': accessibility with a disability

Train station 'Tilburg Universiteit' does not possess any adjusted facilities for wheelchair users (except for an elevator at the station), but the central station of Tilburg does possess adjusted facilities. However, all trains that stop at the train station 'Tilburg Universiteit' are always stopping trains and these do not have doorsteps. This makes the station also accessible for people in a wheelchair or for people using a rollator. 

The NS (train company) does provide service at Tilburg University station for people who are dependent on a wheelchair or a walker when it comes to getting on and off the train. More information on

ProRail indicates that it is currently experiencing a lot of vandalism at elevators (including the one at Tilburg University). And it has only just been fixed or it is already destroyed the next day. They also have many delays in the delivery of materials, so that the repair of the elevator often takes a while. If you want to travel by train while the elevator is broken down, you can use the NS travel assistance. More information: NS Travel Assistance | Travelling with a disability | NS.

Accessibility of other locations

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Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) Tilburg School of Catholic Theology