Crime and Criminal Justice in the Age of Globalization and Digitalization

Today’s ever-changing and globalizing societies are faced with new forms of crime that undermine democratic values, the rule of law and the functioning of societal institutions and bodies. Modern technology generates new forms of criminality. In this era of globalization and digitalization, new approaches to combat crime are needed and explored. The changes to crime, how these materialize and the responses to them are studied in this research program.

The overarching aim of the program is to identify, evaluate and develop legal avenues that address challenges to crime and criminal Justice in the age of globalization and digitalization. In order to achieve this, the Signature Plan incorporates multiple perspectives and focuses on five distinct, but interrelated subthemes.

  1. Conceptualization of crime ‘undermining’ the rule of law and security in the current societal context: manifestations, context and causes;
  2. A critical engagement with legal and regulatory avenues utilized to cope with challenges to the rule of law and security;
  3. Beyond the role of the state: Multi-level governance in dealing with crime and behavior undermining the rule of law and human security;
  4. Emerging technologies and digitalization as a challenge and solution to crime and behavior undermining the rule of law and security; and
  5. Global criminal justice at the domestic level.

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