Ridwan Oloyede

'Being taught by the most prominent professionals is an extremely valuable experience for me'

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Ridwan Oloyede (32) combines entrepreneurship with a Master’s in Law & Technology at Tilburg University. The Tilburg University Fund Foundation contributes financially to his education. He started the program online in his home country, Nigeria, but he consciously decided to come to Tilburg to attend in person five months ago. “Here I am taught by the most prominent professionals in my field. Talking to them in person, and studying in a nice city like Tilburg make this program an extremely valuable experience for me.”

Ridwan studied Law at one of the largest universities in Africa: Obafemi Awolowo University in Osun, Nigeria. After that, he set up a company together with two partners: Tech Hive Advisory. Ridwan: “With this ‘technology policy hub’, we help clients with research and advice in the field of privacy and legislation for data-driven innovation. Many new technologies affect the way in which society operates. And they give rise to regulatory issues. We give advice, among other things, on data protection in different sectors. The knowledge that I gain during my studies is directly applicable to my business. One good example for me is how I am incorporating my new knowledge of technology regulation into my work on technology policy through more constructive concept framing and issue mapping. That makes this year of studying here enormously valuable.”

At Tilburg University, I find the in-depth knowledge that I was looking for.

Beursstudent Ridwan

Beursstudent Ridwan

In-depth knowledge and professionalism

Positive stories from other students who had completed the Master’s program brought Ridwan to Tilburg.  “I know some fellow international students who attended Tilburg University, so I’ve heard good things about it. They also helped me settling down. At Tilburg University, I find the in-depth knowledge that I was looking for. I am delighted with the quality of the program, the School’s professionalism, and the pleasant learning and living environment. It was the only program that caught my interest and that I applied for, so I am thrilled to be here now. I am also very grateful to the Tilburg University Fund Foundation, which enables me to study here. This Master’s cannot be compared to the Law Bachelor I took in Nigeria. I did not have a business of my own at the time, so that also made my life at college different.”

Finest university in Africa

“Obafemi Awolowo in Osun is one of the finest universities in Africa. "It has a huge university campus, beautifully situated in southern Nigeria,” Ridwan says about his alma mater. “Tilburg University is much smaller, but it made me feel at home directly. I like living here in Tilburg in an accommodation with more international students. In the relatively short period that I have lived here, I have felt quite at home. Yes, of course I miss my family and friends from Nigeria, especially in December. But in the five months that I have been here, I have met a lot of new people. Tilburg is a very sociable place!”

Beursstudent Ridwan

The knowledge and experience of my time at Tilburg University will travel with me everywhere.

Future plans

Ridwan will complete his studies in the summer. “I have another seven months to go." With the professional guidance that I am receiving from my supervisor and thesis supervisor, Ana Hriscu, I’m sure I’ll be alright. "Her advice is a great help.” Ridwan’s great example is Ololade Shyllon, a human rights lawyer and consultant in the field of technology and innovation in human rights law in Africa. Her work is an example to me. "It is my dream to start a global venture and implement my business concept in a business that can add value in other parts of the world." My knowledge of the African market is part of it. I have no plans to return to Nigeria just yet. I want to take some time to decide what would be the best next step for my own development and the development of our business. We can do that anywhere in the world. The knowledge and experience of my time at Tilburg University will travel with me everywhere.”

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Date of publication: 23 January 2023