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A glance at the Student Chaplaincy Maranatha

Campus Shot 3 min. Marlies de Brouwer

Student Chaplaincy Maranatha is more than just a church. Students come together to study, cook and go on bike rides in the summer. The student pastor Michiel Peeters is always ready to engage in a conversation, if desired. We visited Maranatha and talked to students and Michiel about what Maranatha means to them.

The University Chaplaincy helps to you give space to parts of your humanity that tend to be overlooked. Together with fellow students they learn to understand better what they really want and what moves them, enables to study, work, make friendships –live–, more confidently, and more happily. The University Chaplaincy is there for all students, regardless of their background. 

Michiel and the students share their experience

  • Michiel Peeters, studentenpastor bij Tilburg University

    Michiel Peeters

    Studentenpastor Tilburg University

    "Not only when something goes 'wrong', but especially when we are doing well, important questions can come to mind: What do I really want? What am I doing it for? I want to help you take these questions seriously and look for answers so you can enjoy your studies and your life more."

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    Sebastiaan Schaghen

    Master's student of Public Governance

    "Maranatha to me is like a family in a strange city where you can come home every once in a while."

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    Xiyue Yang

    Masterstudent Philosophy of Humanity and Culture

    "Maranatha is a place you definitely cannot do without at Tilburg University, no matter whether you are a Catholic or not. You can explore not only the Netherlands but also your inner world."

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    Zuno Verghese

    PhD Student at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society

    "For me, Maranatha is a place where I am helped with practical aspects of daily life as well as with tackling important questions on understanding and learning about reality."

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    Lea Rouge

    Bachelorstudent Human Resource Studies

    "I particularly enjoy the Maranatha evenings. After a delicious meal, we do "something interesting", which can be anything, really."